Are you ready to explore the Community Weekly brought to you by Battlerite Royale? It’s on now, and the development team is so excited to show it to you. They have been kind of busy with the Battlerite Royale release, but now, they will bring you back to your frequently scheduled program.

There is no guarantee for the changes made to the Weekly because this issue is still being discussed by the team. They don’t decide how things will move going forward yet. But for now, there will be the content mixture from both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. All of the content will be posted on both the Battlerite Community Forums and the Battlerite Royale Community Forums.

Darkness on the Horizon


Are you excited about the upcoming Halloween? This creepy season is making its way into Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. You can explore all of your preferred Creepy Items!

Creepy Items


The second Roadmap for Battlerite and Battlerite Royale has been already published by the development team not long ago. If there were any changes to plans or if there was an accuracy given out when things are coming, the team would update all of you. The roadmap has undergone a big update. Click here for more details.

If you are making nice Battlerite content, feel free to show your “work of art” on twitter @Battlerite with hashtag #battleriteart or you can post it here on Steam!

Fan Art

Get ready to find out who the talented artists are in the Battlerite community! They all put their efforts into creating amazing images of the in-game heroes. Check them out now!

First of all, let’s say hi to the cutest Alsysia – a wonderful hero in the game. This fan art was created by annyongblack.



Let’s meet adorable Blossom created by Midnight Animal. She looks so lively and amazing, right?

Midnight Animal

Eventually, let’s see the “work of art” created by the long-time community artists Darinushka . They exhibit their wonderful inkwork in this piece of the new Adventure outfit of Ashka.


Video Highlights

There are some amazing videos created by the content creators! They have been busy at work trying to make plenty of videos for you to explore. Let’s check them out!

With this video, you will see the return of Battlemanly! Aside from the highlights of Battlerite Royale they have been working on, they are still researching on more highlights for Battlerite Arena:

This video is created by 2Lainz! You can check out the most genuine and purest content on how it feels to play Battlerite Royale:

Say hi to the video made by Teldo! He gives you a duo with BPL player Mini, shows you a Battlerite Royale match packed with non-stop actions from beginning to end:

About the video created by Joltz, he will exhibit his Zander play in Battlerite Royale, which makes the game look very easy in a positive way:

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